• Olivier SERFATY

    Olivier SERFATY Partner

    Olivier is your go-to person in regard to the transaction process and how it unfolds, from the property estimation, to the communication plan, to the signing of the pre-sale documents all the way to the final signing.


    Ingrid WALLAERT-KEMOUN Partner

    Ingrid is all about network. For her clients she is capable of moving mountains to find the unfindable and amazing properties they seek. She is our off-market star!

  • Patrick VISSEQ

    Patrick VISSEQ Agency Director

    Patrick, the man of a thousand lives! His past experience as a meditation coach helps him tune in to his clients’ needs and find the home sweet home they dream of. He also excels at accompanying sellers and buyers in the agreement process.

  • Joshua PUBERT

    Joshua PUBERT Broker

    Joshua is from Bretagne, in humour level we are not there yet, but he puts a little order and authenticity in this world of Parisian sharks and that's what the customers love ;)

  • Corinne PARIS

    Corinne PARIS Broker

    Corinne is an estimation expert! When she gives you a price on your property, rest assured, it will sell at that price. But in addition to her global expertise in the field, Corinne is above all a problem solver that works with amazing energy and joy!

  • Maximilien BORTOT

    Maximilien BORTOT Broker

    Above all, remind him that you have a real estate project , otherwise he may talk to you about all the little addresses he adores. He knows Paris like his pocket!

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