Our values

At LEVEL, each member of our team has sold his own property at least once.
Five experiences with “typical” real estate agencies suffice to become attune to their modus operandi… And it certainly makes one want to try something new.

We’ve all come to understand how it usually works: the typical real estate agency is driven by only one thing: sell quickly to drive revenue. You may be inclined to say, “that’s business”? Perhaps… or maybe, not. It all depends on how things are done. We now know that other agencies over-estimate one’s property to make home owners dream and sign the sale contract before their competitors; once signed, the agent works to convince the seller to accept bids under the asking price. In other words, sell one’s property at a lower price (the agent’s commission is very minimally affected in this case), as quickly as possible and move on to their next deal. And no big deal if the seller is left with less than he had counted on…

We don’t work this way. How can we prove it? It’s no secret. The only recommendation that any of us trust is the one that comes from those who are close to us. At LEVEL, we don’t go to all ends to sign a sale contract. Our work continues thanks to our satisfied customers who recommend us to family and friends.

The difference

Our Network :

Claudia Matons, founder of LEVEL is a native Californian and has lived in Paris for the past 20 years. She provides guidance to all of our international clientele much of which comes through our brokerage partner based in Washington DC.

Ingrid Wallaert Kemoun, partner at LEVEL, joined the executive team in 2020. After 20 years of experience in the field of consulting and as an entrepreneur she has developed an influential network based in media, philanthropy and institutional structures.

Olivier Serfaty, partner, joined the LEVEL team after selling his start-up in 2017. He built a solid network of investors all of which are particularly active internationally and on the French entrepreneurial scene.

Our approach :

At least two members of our team are dedicated to the sale of your property. This guaranties our excellent response time with real time briefings via instant messaging, around the clock availability including weekends and holidays and this… with a smile!

Our mastery of digital tools allows us to present your properties on social networks and reveal their potential thanks to virtual visits and 3D architectural layouts.

At LEVEL, we communicate openly about everything, both good… and bad(!) in regard to your property, but always with the goal of matching market reality, meeting your expectations and doing so as efficiently as possible.


178 Boulevard Haussmann
75008 Paris


78 Boulevard Exelmans
75016 Paris


60 rue des Dames
75017 Paris


117 Rue du Bosquet
34980 Saint-Clément de Rivière

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