The Team

Claudia Matons


Claudia, our founder, takes care of our international buyers guiding them through the buying process in France: bilingual notaries, the French loan process as well as advising newcomers to all the secret wonders that Paris has to offer.

Olivier Serfaty


Olivier is your go-to person in regard to the transaction process and how it unfolds, from the property estimation, to the communication plan, to the signing of the pre-sale documents all the way to the final signing.

Ingrid Wallaert Kemoun


Ingrid is all about network. For her clients she is capable of moving mountains to find the unfindable and amazing properties they seek. She is our off-market star!

Patrick Visseq

Director LEVEL Montpellier

Patrick, the man of a thousand lives! His past experience as a meditation coach helps him tune in to his clients’ needs and find the home sweet home they dream of. He also excels at accompanying sellers and buyers in the agreement process.

Corinne Paris

Broker LEVEL Batignolles

Corinne is an estimation expert! When she gives you a price on your property, rest assured, it will sell at that price. But in addition to her global expertise in the field, Corinne is above all a problem solver that works with amazing energy and joy!

Marguerite Aimard-Camus


Marguerite knows Paris like the back of her hand which helps her find her clients’ future and perfect nests. You will inevitably see her galivanting around the city on her bike with a load of organic groceries in her basket as she heads out to her next rendez-vous!

Mathurin Weimar


Sales contracts are no mystery to Mathurin. With his tenacity and strength of persuasion, he is unstoppable. But don’t let that impress you, in reality, he’s as gentle as a fawn.

Maeva Hissette


Maëva is remarkable in her willingness to open up to her entourage regarding her life and adventures… it is because she wants to truly connect with her clients! Listen closely to her, she is an expert advisor when it comes to selling or buying your property at the best price.